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Top Fashion films

The situation at the moment worldwide, It is a little complicated, To be at home all the time sometimes we get crazy, so it is important to find new plans to learn things and have fun too, because covid-19 change our life.

In this blog I want to recommend you a selection of films, series, and documentaries. If you are a big fan of fashion and if you are passionate about seeing outfits, accessories, hairstyles, makeups, from different eras, then this list is for you! Many of the past trends are now popular today. 

That is why I always say that fashion trends go back and forth, there is always a trend.. I hope you love this blog, I am excited to share the film list!

Here are some great films!



This film tells the story of Denise, a young woman who was moved to a city in the north west of England in 1870, with the hope that her uncle would give her work in the store.

On arrival she finds that the rest of the mall shops in the area were in ruins by the opening of the departments store "Gallery Paradise" and in this place is where she finds her job.

Her sympathetic and innate capacity for sales ends up with the attention of Moray. The young business owner is financially dependent on Mr. Glendenning, whose daughter is determined to marry Moray.




Recorded in 1909, It shows how the new centre is allied by the technical advances and its time of the emotional experiences, from putting the car in the display case to the implementation of the mechanical stairs (which impacted a lot). All this served to attract attention in a world eager for change. And Selfridge was an excellent vision of the future shopping showman.



For fashion lovers, this series is ideal for highlighting tradition and national customs.  The film narrates Elizabeth's life from before her coronation as Queen of the United Kingdom until now.

Fashion is perfectly represented through the Queen's wardrobe, including some of the most iconic pieces of our age: pearl necklaces, hats, low heels. Although I have heard the series is not always 100% accurate, it can be a fun way to learn or look at history.  



This is a Spanish mini-series that tells the story of a girl who was always a dressmaker.

Love and her decisions take her to Morocco where she decides to create her sewing house.

We see how she spends the days between making patterns, dressing mannequins, taking measurements of customers and sourcing fabrics. It was difficult during the war period to source specific fashion materials.

The film makers have taken great care and recreate the retro but ultra-feminine style of the 30s and 40s.

(Wavy hairstyles, shirts, small prints, small prints, skirts pencil, buttoned blouses, bow blouses, blouses with bows, the sober long knee, hats, gloves, heels, lady bags and even elegant evening dresses).



The film narrates the life of the famous French designer, and focuses on the years before founding the Commercial empire. It shows the personal moments of 'Coco', the relationship with her sister, her loves and the way her designs revolutionized the world of fashion and defined modern fashion for women today.

We hope that you enjoy these films like we did!


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