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Necklace Style Guide

What Necklace is Best?

Different necklaces suit different styles of clothing. Everyone has their favourite piece of jewellery, for many it is a statement necklace for others it is a collar or choker necklace closer to the neckline. However, your favourite item will not necessarily match your favourite dress or outfit. 

Some of you plan your outfits and jewellery in advance or have a go to plan but many people are spontaneous and leave it to the last minute.

We have created the Adri Madrid Style Guide, to help you quickly match your necklace with your chosen clothing style or match your clothing style with your favourite necklace.

Top Tips

1. What is the neckline of your piece of clothing?

2. Simply find the 'letter' below and identify the matching style/recommendation.

3. Give it a go, try it on.

This approach should save you time and help you quickly establish which necklace matches which outfit.

Adri Madrid.


Which Necklace is Best? Visit the Adri Madrid Style Guide

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