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The Boom of Accessories


Hello all,

Welcome to Adri Madrid's first blog entry. Here you will find hot topics in the world of fashion, hot new trends and general information about the fashion industry.

If you have an idea or a request for a future topic, get in touch and please do suggest. 

The Boom of Accessories

Accessories have always been popular, complimenting a fine dress or giving a uniqueness to a person's appearance/special occasion.

There has always been high demand for accessories and that 'special something' that no one else has. 

Likewise trends come and go, where once an item was or is unique it then becomes the 'go to' item until it again becomes perhaps too popular. 

There are of course those individuals who go for uniqueness and in doing so, perhaps inadvertently start a new trend. Almost Darwinian.

Accessories Through Time

When I think about accessories, my mind often drifts back to Greek/Roman times, classic bangles, neck pearls, head bands, simplicity yet exceptional workmanship. 

Then of course if we fast forward to the 1940's/50s the time of swing dancing and rock & roll. The look is often now called 'Vintage'. 

Classic items included large broaches, pins on hats and large jewellery in general. 

Fast forward again to the 1980's, wow what a difference. Large bright, often very bright necklaces, long earrings, the famous feather earrings. My old Geography teacher used to call the 80's, 'good music, bad hair cuts'.

Today, what springs to mind? There is a mix in demand for extravagant accessories, simple, vintage, retro, colourful. How will future generations remember accessories from this era?

Thanks for reading and see you again soon.

Adri Madrid

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  • I love it¡¡¡
    Fantastic blog, I am a fan of fashion and everything I can use in colors and different designs.
    Please share more of your experience and ideas..

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