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London Fashion Week June 2020 - Top 5 Tips

Welcome to our blog for this entry about London Fashion Week!

Well, it was quick, been and gone but much of it can still be seen online. London Fashion Week online took place between the 12th and 14th of June 2020.

Over 100 designers contributed to the London Fashion Week Digital Platform where fashion shows were conducted online.

Fashion shows are exciting as they show the latest fashion trends, designs and creative thinking out there. We have all seen catwalk shows that show strange, wacky and futuristic designs, I often wonder how they reach the high street and filter into real life! However, you can also find 'normal' or close to 'normal designs' that do make the high street. 

Fashion shows promote evolution in the Fashion industry and fresh new thinking. Several top designers have pressed the need for longevity on garments/fashion items vs the fast fashion/quick cycles. This looks like a trend that will stay and can only be good for the environment.

You can find out more information about London Fashion Week online here: https://fashionweekonline.com/london.

Top 5 London Fashion Week Tips 

1. Check Out Your Favourite Designers and watch their collection online.

Well there are some great catwalk videos you can watch direct from the link mentioned. For example here there are two videos one on the Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2020 range and another on Victoria Beckham's range.

 Catwalk Tommy Hilfiger

Victoria Beckham


2. Register on the Fashion Online Website to Get entry into Future Fashion shows! This includes New York and Paris! $9.99 seems great value.

3. Discover New Designers and Up and Coming Talent

Check out the library of designers the A-Z. Find new ideas here/inspiration/designs that might inspire you.



 4. John Lewis Catwalk!

 John Lewis teamed up with London Fashion Week. Check out the film reel, they created a competition and asked people at home to create their own video/catwalk. I expect now too late to enter but you would need to do the following by posting a video and using the hashtag:

#LFWCatwalkChallenge and tagging @johnlewisandpartners on either their Instagram grid or stories. For every video entry including @johnlewisandpartners and #LFWCatwalkChallenge the brand will donate £5* to the BFC Foundation Fashion Fund for the Covid Crisis.


5. Get Organised and Check Out the Future Calendar.

Many people have not been to a fashion show or know that they can be accessed online. Many events are open to the public, great opportunities to see the buzz first hand and tick the 'to-do list'.

Now you can find the key information in one place.

Here you can find a schedule for Fashion events in London, you can also change the city/country to find other events elsewhere.



Do you have a favourite designer? Let us know and leave a comment.

Enjoy London Fashion Week online, there is a lot of content to watch :-) 

One last update from Team Adri Madrid, we have this week launched a new range of Half Moon Earrings. Check them out and spread the word if you like them!


Thank you for reading, take good care.

Adri Madrid


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  • I’ve always loved fashion and never knew where to begin about going to see any of the London Fashion Week Shows but you kindly put a link with information on how any one of us regular fashionistas can attend a London Fashion Week Show. I also really like how you spoke about top end designers and also mentioned high street chain John Lewis which is interesting because it would be great to compare both markets based on furure trends, commerciality and how many designers from both ends of the market have decided to go through the root of producing environmental friendly garments for their collection.
    My favourite designer is of course Vivienne Westwood one because she’s a woman designer and always has pushed the boundaries of what people think fashion is. She is also a British designer that is very much passionate about raising the awareness of environmental impact of overconsumption urging people to buy less and but better quality clothes with the aim to help protect the environment.
    I think now more than ever a lot of consumers have become very fashion conscious when it comes to where materials and products are sourced to produce these amazing fashion collections and it’s good to see that a lot of designers have introduced that as part of their concepts. Love the blog hope theres a new post coming soon as I enjoyed this one.

    • Nokulunga
  • Great tips!

    I enjoyed reading it!. Your tips are kind of “ The show must go on” despite Covid-19.

    Thank you Adri.

    • Monica Macias
  • Great read. I really want to visit a fashion show soon. Thanks for the top tips.

    • Leona